Self-confidence vs. self-esteem

All your life you live with yourself. You are caught in your body. If you don’t like who you are, change what you don’t like, because life is long if you have to live it with someone you don’t like. A little advice: become your own best friend.


Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves. This esteem comes first from our parents. If our parents tell us, “Go ahead, you can do it! “we will have confidence in ourselves. This is how our self-esteem is built. But if our parents tell us, “You won’t be able to succeed,” our self-esteem will remain very low. We must therefore seek out those who believe in us, in our abilities and in our projects.

Self-esteem is then fed by the other people with whom we are in relationship, often people in authority. Coaches are a good example. As a player, we often see the coach as a mentor. We trust him. It must therefore encourage us and give us a positive image of ourselves.

Through the coach, it is also the image of the whole team. A coach can, with only his attitude, have a profound influence on young people. You’ll long remember that look to the sky after a bad time on the ice. However, you’ll remember that smile or show of confidence for just as long when it gets you into the action at a crucial moment in the game. Attitude, gestures and words must contribute to increasing our self-esteem.

Talent does not always guarantee success!

All great athletes have innate talents. But it was not their gifts that made them the best in their field. It is this ability to dream, this extraordinary self-esteem and confidence, this ability to live fully in the moment wherever they are that drives them to excel and to want to be the best.

It’s all in their heads. All of these people have high self-esteem that they have built over the years by believing in their possibilities and listening to those who encouraged them. And they worked hard and often much harder than anyone else.

Ask any champion in any sport who is the best in the world at what they do? Everyone will tell you that this or that athlete has incredible qualities and publicly praise their opponents for forcing them to excel.

But in their heads, they think, “I’m the best. And there is nothing wrong with that!

If they want to win, they must tell themselves that they are superior and have extreme confidence in their abilities even if they don’t necessarily say it out loud. It would be interesting to hear their inner voice. We would see that they trust each other, which has nothing to do with arrogance.

Should we compare ourselves? Of course we do! That’s what life is all about, constantly comparing yourself. All of life is a vast competition. Whether it’s at school, applying for a job, or wanting to be recognized for what you do, you’re in competition. Whether we like it or not.

The competition is a bit like the show. Like an artist who prepares, rehearses and practices for the show. Just as a singer prepares to give us emotions through song.

The competition is a show time. You have to be ready and confident before you go out on the ice, just like a performer goes on stage. In order to demonstrate all your efforts in preparing your show. “If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, you’re probably right” – Henry Ford.

So it’s what you believe will actually happen in your life. Nothing happens without thinking about it in advance. If you think you can do it, you can, and if you think you can’t, you can’t.

In summary

We need to have good self-esteem. Then, you need audacity and, finally, perseverance.

With these three elements, anything can be done. We then put all the chances on our side to make it work. We must believe in our own abilities and not hesitate to take on new challenges, to get out of our comfort zone. There is no need to be afraid.

In fact, we should only be afraid of fear itself. Some fears are part of success but not the fear of failure. No! Name me someone who has succeeded, and I assure you that person was scared at some point, but it didn’t stop them.

Whenever I had difficulties that I thought I would give up, my mother always told me: “You’re handsome, you’re tall, you’re strong, and you’re capable! “That’s what I would like to say to the people who will read this blog. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You can succeed!