P.A.S. Program

Know yourself,
choose yourself… and succeed!

The method to take control of your life, push your limits and dare to take risks

The greatest people I’ve had the chance to work with have made me realize this: the greatest people remain themselves. (…) They are only looking to become the best version of who they really are.

– Sylvain Guimond
Coach and speaker

What's holding you back?

There may be factors holding you back from fully realizing your potential and possibilities, from seeing that within you lies a much greater, more formidable and more creative being than you think.

You can change your perceptions, you can shake your blocks, free yourself from your apprehensions, from your false beliefs, from all those obstacles which slow down your impulses, but which could soon have no more effect on you.

You will find that you have everything within you to take charge of your personal development, to have confidence in your abilities and finally to lead your life as you wish and become the person you really are!

P.A.S. Program

Know yourself, choose yourself... and succeed!

Conscious rehabilitation

What is my way of dealing with myself and others. The P.A.S. program will allow you to take stock of your past life and take the time to question yourself on what you want to become and achieve in the future and precisely define your values.

concrete exercises

Each week, you will have exercises to do in line with your values that will allow you to reach the goals you have set and at the end of the week, we will do a live coaching session together to help you move forward step by step towards your goal.

harmony of being

The Why P.A.S. method aims to harmonize the body and mind. The head and the body are one. Replacing your old harmful habits with healthier ones will allow you to reach a level of well-being that will only benefit you.


10-week training course

Week 1

Presentation of the program. Forgive yourself.

Week 2

A little P.A.S. for me, a big P.A.S. for my physical and mental health.

Week 3

Giant steps. My relationship with myself

Week 4

From P.A.S. to you. Awareness and management of my life.

Week 5

P.A.S. backwards. Our fears and doubts.

Week 6

P.A.S. ahead. Take action.

Week 7

P.A.S. hunted. Our stress and our perceptions and relationships.

Week 8

Turtle P.A.S. A profound change to permanently restructure your life.

Week 9

P.A.S. dance. To help and serve in order to be fulfilled.

Week 10

The balance sheet. Final re-evaluation and anchoring of good habits.