Passion: to live your dreams

To succeed, to achieve the high goals we set for ourselves, passion is essential. It is the engine that gives us the necessary drive to get through the trials or obstacles that may arise before us.

However, we must also beware of passion. Passion is often defined as an exclusive and very strong inclination towards an object or goal. In a certain sense, passion produces an imbalance because the object of passion takes up so much space.

To quote John Gorka; “Act with passion, but think with clarity”. It’s all in the measure. It is essential to motivate and push you, but you must remain vigilant, not to neglect other important aspects of your life, even if they do not directly concern your passion.

So once you have identified your passion, once you are ready to work hard at it, you need to have the clarity of mind to distinguish the meaning you will give to your life. The starting point is to discover this passion that will ignite you.

In your case, it will most likely be hockey! The best are those who ask for help to get what they need because they want to do and do their work with love and passion.

Asking for advice: a key to success

For over 20 years, I have met top athletes, successful business people and world-renowned artists. Yet these people, who were and still are at the top of their field, came to me for advice.

They came to me as a specialist in sport psychology. Why is that? It is by listening to them and helping them that I discovered that these people are at the top of their game, precisely because they were not afraid to ask for advice.

They leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are and continue to be the best.

I also noticed that they had several important things in common: they have dreams, they are enthusiastic, they work hard, they know what they want, and they take all the means to get there.

So now I have a question for you: What do you really want? What do you deeply desire? You probably have a dream. What is it? Be the best player at your level at your position? Graduating to the Junior League? Play in the National League? Your dream is within you and you must find it. However, don’t expect it to magically happen to you. You’ll need to be passionate and relentless to achieve it.

To be happy, to find happiness, we must find a goal in life. All human beings are here and now for a reason. We all have something to accomplish.

We all have talent and heart to share. Each of us must question ourselves in the depths of our hearts to find what makes us truly unique. Some of you, at this time, are looking for an answer to this question. But what is worse is that some of them are looking for themselves. Stop for a moment and reach deep inside yourself. Look at the person you are. You are not reading this by chance.

You probably have a dream in the corner of your heart that you have put aside, perhaps because you lacked confidence or believed it was unattainable.

Finding your dream

I received this fable as a gift from my very good friend Ginette Reno: Once upon a time, there was a little Chinese boy in his native village who dreamed of becoming the village wise man. One morning he took courage and went to the door of the village elder, when the old man answered the door he said: “I would like to have some advice from you. My dream is that one day I will become the Elder of this village. So I would like you to tell me what I must do to make my dream come true. »

The old wise man said to the young boy, “Come with me, I will explain, but first let’s go and bathe in the pond. Once there, they jumped into the water and the old sage took his head and pushed him under the water. The young man struggles until he is exhausted. And suddenly the man pulls his head out of the water and asks him a question, “When you were underwater, what did you want most in the world? »

The little Chinese boy replied, “Air! “The wise man then said to him, “When you desire your dream as much as you wanted to get air under water you will get it. »
Now that you have your dream in your hands you must commit to taking action, and this will be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. When you invest in yourself to gain total confidence, you are never the same again.

By discovering why you are what you are, you will also discover the key to becoming what you want to be. You have to know where you are starting from to define where you are going. You can’t limit yourself.

Too often, unfortunately, we let ourselves be discouraged by the smallest obstacles or by what people tell us. Your parents, family, coach or society are not responsible for your failures or successes. You are the one allowing others to control your life.

So don’t delay. Take control of your life.